Take two parts street stereo, one part raver and one part festival moshpit, shake thoroughly and serve over ice cold rum & ginger beer and there you have it, the recipe for Cheese On Bread’s brand for world domination. Cheese On Bread are the DJ and production outfit set to hypnotise the airwaves with their regular Remixes and Mixtapes! Dance floor ready and radio friendly, their sound is UK underground built for the global audience. From their subterranean command bunkers in the north and south of England they have developed a mystical ability to combine the street level respect alongside commercial viability and a commitment to push the sonic envelope. Brothers and long-time collaborators Super K & Mensa hail from South London, and began experimenting music together at the epicentre of London’s burgeoning grime wave. Their tastes extend way beyond this though, both of these Cheese On Bread members are like beat fiends forever hungry for that next hit. Over the ten years working together they have developed into a pair of multi talented tunesmiths capable of working with crowds and artists from many different backgrounds and scenes. Bringing house party vibes to any atmosphere, the duo have entertained crowds at a range of events, from their regular club nights in Sheffield and London, to numerous festivals around the UK and abroad. They have also supported huge UK and International artists including Drake, Camron, Skepta, Akala, J Hus, Giggs, & More.